Thursday, 12 September 2013

Greek Pyramids

The southwestern end of the Argolid plain near sources of Erasinos River (now Headboard ) and on the main road which in antiquity lead from Argos to Tegea and the rest of Arcadia, is a single monument , a small fort known today named '' Pyramid '' in Greek . According to archaeological evidence and the characteristics of the structure dates from the end of the 4th century and not in the prehistoric period, as recently wanted to prove some researchers . In the later years of antiquity regarded the pyramid as a tomb '' '' polyandreion while now certain to be stronghold of the type of small fortresses controlled the roads and that are known from other regions of Andhra Pradesh and Kinouria. Tower-shaped with sloping external sides which surround a rectangular building of total dimensions 7,03 x 9,07 m These external walls rise with a gradient of 60 degrees, a height of 3.50 m become vertical to support the floors of the superstructure . The main entrance of the monument is located on the eastern side of the monument, that the side that faces the bay of the Argolid . From inside this starts an oblong corridor leading to less entrance, opened on the south wall of the main space, a square room with sides about 7 m . This imposing monument is built entirely from the gray limestone of the region in trapezoidal and partially polygonal system with large blocks . Excavations at the monument whose stonework remained steadfast over 2400 years made ​​by Th. Wiegand in 1901, but mainly from the L.Lord 1938 , who published the results of excavations in relevant monographs . On 02/09/1995 Athens Academy announced the results of measurements concerning the dating of the pyramid of Greek , based on the method of Optical thermofotafgeias.Oi measurements were performed in the laboratory of Nuclear dating Edinburgh University and the Laboratory of Archaeometry " NCSR - Demokritos " . The dating of the pyramid structure of Greek found at eg 2720 . These results demonstrate that the pinnacle of Greek preceded by 100 ( or more) years of the first Egyptian pyramid Zozer ( 2620 BC) and by 170 (at least ) years oldest of the pyramid of Cheops ( eg 2550 ) " If .... I say, if found to there one worth visiting . Why otherwise talking about abandoning . This monument of antiquity which boast unfortunately through written only protected with fencing wire , as if it is a chicken coop , and a door open 24 hours . What is the meaning of fencing ?